Main Information
  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Service Types: Desktop publishing (DTP) & graphic design, Consulting, Project Management, Information Technology and Services, Translation and Localization services, Books & Publications, Technology, IT and software
  • Industry Specialties: Healthcare: hospitals, public health services, etc., Financial and legal, Life sciences: medical companies, pharmaceuticals, CROs, Creative services, Marketing
  • Ownership: Privately-owned
  • Company Type: Language Technology Provider, Language Service Provider
  • Proprietary language technology: Yes
  • Type of language technology: Multimedia localization tool

Based out of New York City, Pixroller is a multilingual desktop publishing (DTP) and innovative language service provider that was established in 2012.

Highly qualified and experienced, our multilingual desktop publishing experts handle all types of material, from marketing to healthcare, financial to legal.

We are able to tailor your workflow to the most efficient and cost effective means possible. Pixroller takes deadlines seriously and always delivers in a timely fashion with reliable and precise results. Our core value — We never commit to projects where we are not 100% confident!

We deliver all world languages including:

Bi-Directional languages - Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew etc
Central & East-European languages
Double-byte Asian languages - CCJK

Extensive experiences working with LSPs

Our highly skilled DTP experts know how to work with LSPs.

  • Multilingual typesetting & formatting
  • File preparation
  • Document conversion and recreation
  • Translation memory alignments

Healthcare DTP

Pixroller proudly handles large amounts of healthcare material on an annual basis using innovative technology as well as making your electronic content accessible to the visually impaired.

  • Drug formularies
  • Provider directories
  • ANOC and EOC
  • Welcome kits
  • Pre-enrollment kits
  • Accessible PDF and reporting (Section 508, PDF/UA)

Financial DTP

  • Annual Reports
  • Semiannual Reports
  • Monthly Fact Sheets
  • Prospectus
  • Key Investor Documents
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Shareholders Circulars & Announcements
  • Debts Offering Circulars
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Marketing and Corporate DTP

On demand VDP solution and mailing service



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