Main Information
  • Service Types: Consulting, Translation and Localization services, Dubbing, voiceovers, and audio services, Website Globalization
  • Industry Specialties: Technology, IT and software, Marketing

Total Business Solutions: E4NET is a total localization solutions provider including translation, DTP, recording and is specialized in Asian localization covering all major Asian and regional tier 3 languages. We have 20+ years of successful localization production experience with major projects for IBM, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, HP, LG Electronics, Panasonic and more. E4NET is now providing patent translation services to the Korea Institute of Patent Information and translating life science projects including clinical protocols and reports. We are continuously developing and applying innovative technologies such as machine translation and associated customer services through-out our production process to maximize production/service effi-ciency. ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001 certified. We specialize in more than 60 languages.

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