Main Information
  • Year Founded: 2007
  • Service Types: Translation and Localization services
  • Industry Specialties: Tourism & hospitality, Technology, IT and software, Social services, Automotive & aviation, Education & e-learning, Intellectual property, Energy, gas & oil, Creative services, Financial and legal, Government (local, state or federal), Consumer goods, Healthcare: hospitals, public health services, etc.
  • Ownership: Privately-owned
  • Company Type: Language Service Provider
  • Number of employees in the latest fiscal year: 4

We are reliable professionals with over 20 years of experience in English-Mongolian (and vice versa) translation. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. We have always been seeking various ways to enhance the quality of translation and localization as well as interpretation not only at the local level but also at the international level.

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