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  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Service Types: Conferences, Associations & Member Organizations, Education & training, Nonprofit Organizations, Research & Analysis
  • Industry Specialties: Non-profits & NGOs
  • Ownership: Non-profit
  • Company Type: NGO/Non-profit organization

The Language Access Coalition of Canada (LACC), is a grassroots coalition of agencies, organizations, institutions, and individuals advocating for equitable language access in Canada for all people regardless of the language that they speak or sign. The Coalition organizes events such as webinars and meetings with MPs and MPPs to discuss policy change, and celebrates February 22nd as the day of Language Advocacy in Canada with the Our Language Rights Canada Conference. Language rights protect the rights of individuals and groups to choose which language(s) they use in private as well as in public interactions, such as legal, health, educational or political access to information and services. Language rights are also a tool of identity and an important social determinant of health. Many nations, including Canada, may not deliberately discriminate against minority languages or those not deemed not to be the “official” ones, but if broader language access is not strategically enabled, organizations and individuals end up being excluded and discriminated against based on their language comprehension and fluency. The idea of a Language Advocacy Day in Canada was largely inspired by the efforts of the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL), which has hosted National Language Day in Washington, DC for over 40 years.

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