Main Information
  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Service Types: Translation and Localization services
  • Industry Specialties: Life sciences: medical companies, pharmaceuticals, CROs, Marketing, Financial and legal, Education & e-learning, Automotive & aviation, Manufacturing, Healthcare: hospitals, public health services, etc., Video games, Technology, IT and software
  • Ownership: Privately-owned
  • Company Type: Language Service Provider
  • Type of language technology: Translation management system, QA system, Machine translation, Multimedia localization tool, Remote simultaneous interpreting

LatinoBridge was started in 2010 to provide Latin America and the world with the finest services in language translation and interpretation. Based throughout Latin America, we are a bridge: For Latin Americans to do business well with the rest of the world and for the world to speak directly to Latin Americans.

The team at LatinoBridge provides translation services from or into Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Each of our translators is well-educated and experienced in these languages and many others. Unlike many other translation firms, we specialize only in the languages of Latin America. That means that we can give you the most precise and competent translation services.

Each team member is hand-picked for their technical skills as well as their personality.

Our language experts have been trained and have the experience to do the most amazing work. Our technical team, the designers and engineers, have decades of combined experience and provide the highest level of performance and success.


For more information, you can contact us at (
or using our mail ([email protected])

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