Main Information
  • Year Founded: 2021
  • Service Types: Translation and Localization services, Education & e-learning, Education & training
  • Industry Specialties: Automotive & aviation, Chemical industry, Consumer goods, Education & e-learning, Energy, gas & oil, Financial and legal, Manufacturing, Marketing, Investment funds, Healthcare: hospitals, public health services, etc., Life sciences: medical companies, pharmaceuticals, CROs, Security industry, Technology, IT and software, Tourism & hospitality, Tourism and hospitality, Packaged goods
  • Ownership: Privately-owned, Woman-owned
  • Company Type: Language Service Provider
  • Number of employees in the latest fiscal year: 1
  • Proprietary language technology: No
  • Type of language technology: Translation management system, Business management system, Terminology management system, QA system, Internationalization tool

Metafrasma Single Member P.C. is based in Athens, Greece. We are multilingual and are able to communicate with our clients in English, Greek and German.

The company's team consists of highly educated and specialized professionals with many years of experience in the translation and localization industries and uses state-of-the-art translation and quality assurance software to meet the increasing demand for the highest professional standards.

Metafrasma Single Member P.C. ensures that excellent quality is delivered at all times. The rates offered are competitive and market-orientated, without compromising on quality.

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