Main Information
  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Service Types: Information Technology and Services, Technology, IT and software
  • Industry Specialties: Technology, IT and software, Healthcare: hospitals, public health services, etc., Work for language tech firms
  • Ownership: Privately-owned
  • Company Type: Language Technology Provider, Language Service Provider, LSP (Language Services Provider)
  • Number of employees in the latest fiscal year: 200
  • Type of language technology: Translation management system, Machine translation, Machine learning

Shaip is a leader and innovator in the structured AI Data solutions category. Our strength is in the ability to bridge the gap between industries with AI initiatives and the high-quality data they require. The ultimate benefit we provide to our clients is the vast amounts of structured data to train their AI models with superior accuracy and the desired outcomes. And it’s all done right the first time to adhere to the most demanding project's specifications. We have the people, processes and human in-the-loop platform to meet these challenging AI projects and we do it within the set timeframes and budgets. This not only enhances an organization’s ability to get ahead in launching their AI products that work as designed, but they can reach their target markets whether they are local, regional, or worldwide. This is the Shaip difference, where better AI data means better results for you.


Data Sourcing
Collect text, image, audio, and video data
Source data from various regions/ geographies

Data Annotation
NER annotation, Sentiment, and Intent Analysis
Object Detection, Segmentation & Classification

Data De-Identification
APIs with human-in-loop & Expert Certification
De-id 5M+ text/images - HIPPA & GDPR Compliant

Data Licensing
5M+ Transcribed Patient Records in 31 specialties
225k+ Hours of Patient Audio

Data Transcription
Cost-effective transcription solution with guaranteed TAT, accuracy and savings

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